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Yeye Agency: Base Your Business in CZ Successfully

This year, ​YeYe Agency is celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the 1st year of foundation. YeYe agency is a Prague-based business development agency specializing in market expansion and offering professional services for aspiring start-ups and well-established companies intending to make you successful within the new market earlier than competitors.

Considering the fact that under 50% of businesses make it to their fifth year and only 40% of start-ups actually turn a profit, YeYe Agency proudly celebrates its fifth year since the formation. During these crazy COVID-19 times, the agency continues working with its employees and partners, establishing at least five new companies and attracting foreign investors from countries like Ireland, Germany, Turkey, and others.

Why Yeye?

YeYe Agency takes care of all steps necessary for expanding the business into a foreign country. It will remain by your side throughout the entire process, from conducting market research to building the infrastructure. By using an impressive list of their existing contacts, YeYe Agency will help you find the right people to fit into your business model and will provide the necessary visa, legal, and accounting assistance. After the ​establishment of the company​, you will be able to manage all local business procedures from any place in the world with the help of their online platform.

Since the formation of the company, YeYe Agency has provided access for numerous companies to European and global markets. Their success stories include the expansion of the Turkish nano-technology company Artekya to Czechia to open its European HUB, expanding the Czech-based Japanese company PC International s.r.o to Turkey to build a factory, and ​many others​.

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Their main focus is the expansion of businesses to new markets – as such, in 2017, they helped the Czech subsidiary of the Turkish company, Varzene Metal, to find strategic partners within the Czech Republic. Similarly, they helped a Turkish engineering and systems integrator company, Odine Solutions, enter the Czech market.

Personal approach

YeYe Agency offers more than simply guiding you to success – your company will become their personal project, an adventure they are excited to embark on together. Their multicultural team members come from Czechia, Slovakia, Turkey, Spain, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia, and Tatarstan – and they are likely to assist you in your local language.

The team of Yeye business development agency is standing and smiling.

YeYe Agency pays strong attention to the up-to-date professional qualifications of the team and training young graduates in all aspects of business development and company management. As an agency, they are dedicated to providing high-quality service along with educational incentives for young professionals, whose fresh ideas are greatly valued.

YeYe Agency is ​located in the heart of Prague – it is a business run by expats for expats. With its international feel and a sophisticated understanding of the Czech business practices, it offers invaluable opportunities to grow and expand into one of the fastest-growing economies – and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. ​

The company was established in 2012 in Slovakia by Yalın Yüregil​, a Turkish entrepreneur, and then also in the Czech Republic in 2015. Yalın Yüregil has also established companies in five other different countries, creating an efficient business model for entrepreneurs, which saves them time and money.

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YeYe Agency can make the relocation to a new market not only an exciting but also a pleasant experience. With them, you can safely dare to go further. Their slogan represents the motivation and ambitions YeYe Agency has for business development, and they hope to share them with you in many years to come.

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