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Travel Clever: Save your money when traveling to Prague

Who isn’t looking to save a bit of cash when they travel? Like any major city with a booming tourism district, Prague has its fair share of taxi scams, overpriced meals, and unfair exchange rates. It can be hard to weed through all the overpriced shops of the downtown area and find a place where you will not lose your mind- or your wallet. Travel Clever guide can be a game changer for you.

Dangers of Scams for the Local Economy

When tourists get scammed on their visit, they take that story back to their friends and give the Czech Republic a poor reputation as a country that is unsafe or undesirable to visit. It sends the message that tourists should be cautious of the country when they are traveling, and that hurts tourism and the economy. The city council has cracked down on some of the unfair business practices around town, but it still helps to have advice from a local.

Jiří Moravec, a Czech from Bohemia, saw a lot of these problems when he moved to the capital from his hometown.

Jiří Moravec, a Czech from Bohemia, saw a lot of these problems when he moved to the capital from his hometown. He hated seeing how blatantly tourists were being ripped off in the downtown area. As a local, he knew how to save money on everything from getting a taxi from the airport to enjoying a night at the pub. His book, Travel Clever, meets that need for tourists to have a step by step guide on how to save money in Prague. While the book is primarily geared towards tourists, it can be helpful for new expats or when friends visit you in your new city.

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It can be hard to enjoy the downtown area without feeling like you are being ripped off. Travel Clever breaks down prices and does the math for you, so you can see step by step how much money is being saved. You can also adjust the math to fit how many days you are in Prague.

Czech Made: Coming in April 2020

Newcomers and tourists often have trouble deciphering between locally-made gifts and souvenirs versus those bought in bulk from foreign factories. Unique, handmade crafts, toys, and foods help keep money in the local economy and are important to keeping a country’s traditional style alive. Travel Clever’s latest project is highlighting goods made in Czech Republic by Czech-run brands. Avoid the embarrassment of buying a knockoff or a mass produced item with this handy guide, coming in April of 2020.

Travel Clever is available as a physical book or an ebook and can be found at The website also has an accommodation finding tool, as well as up-to-date weather reports and exchange rates. You can also follow on ​Facebook​ and Instagram for more information.

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