Spider-Man: Far From Home locations in Prague

Spider-Man: Far From Home – Follow Peter Parker’s and MJ’s footsteps in Prague

Usually, the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are shot on production lots at Pinewood Studios that are located in London or Atlanta. However, for Spider-Man: Far From Home, director Jon Watts decided to take his cast and crew to European cities including Prague and get a real local atmosphere and aesthetic.

Peter Parker wanted to try a life of a normal boy that goes on a school trip and hangs out with his friends in Europe. But Nick Fury had to send Peter to Prague to fight the Elementals and save the world. There is no better place to fight a man who happens to be made out of pure lava and win a heart of a girl than in the city where a little history and romance can go a long way.

Behind the scenes look at Spider-Man: Far From Home

Want to walk a mile in Peter Parker’s and MJ’s footsteps? Here are all the essential locations you should visit to recreate your favorite Spider-Man scenes while you’re on a mini-break in Prague…

The Hotel Carlos IV

Hotel Carlo IV in Spider-Man Far From Home movie in Prague
Senovážné nám. 13/991, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia 

The Hotel Carlo IV is a luxury hotel Nick Fury books Peter’s class into after sneakily changing their tour to Prague, not Paris. Hotel Carlo IV already has a rich cinematic history. Before, this hotel building was a bank and it was featured in The Bourne Identity in the scene where Jason Bourne was trying to escape from the “US Embassy.”

The hotel spokesperson, Lenka Jurášková, said that the Far From Home crew only could shoot in the hotel for 24 hours because the business was still operational. During this shooting time, they built a temporary reception in another room. The hotel staff had to shift people around so the film crew would have enough space to shoot the scenes in the lobby and the stairways.

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The bedrooms that are shown later in the film, were recreated in the studio back in the UK. It was exact copies of the actual rooms available in the hotel as it was built according to plans and photos provided by the hotel.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge in Spider-Man Far From Home movie in Prague
Karlův most, 110 00 Praha 1, Czechia (Credit: Metro.co.uk/Tilly Pearce)

If there’s one thing anyone who goes to Prague has to do, it’s going to one of the most famous landmarks in Prague. Charles Bridge joins the city together over the Vltava River in Prague. It was built at the beginning of the 15th century and named after King Charles IV, who was the first King of Bohemia.

His statue stands on the side of the bridge and can be noted in the background when Peter and MJ walk across it. This location is overcrowded with tourists walking day and night across it. Thus, it’s definitely odd that the two lovebirds have the walkway entirely to themselves. But hey, the scene probably wouldn’t have been as romantic if there were tourists taking selfies in the background, right?

Vinohrady Theatre

Vinohrady Theatre in Spider-Man Far From Home movie in Prague
Náměstí Míru 1450/7, 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady, Czechia (Credit: Jay Maidment)

Next on the program was a visit to the Vinohrady Theatre where the class goes for a night of opera instead of going to the Signal Festival. The theatre itself is over 100 years old and previously was a replacement for a 1900s Vienna theatre for the production of The Illusionist with Edward Norton and Jessica Biel.

Although, the location is featured in a short scene, the Vinohrady crew created a full opera set with an orchestra in the area under the stage to make it seem like the show was about to begin. However, the set did not get to the movie as the scene ends before the curtain gets to rise. The seen shooting took a whole week only a few minutes were left after the final cut.

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Signal Festival

Signal festival in Spider-Man Far From Home movie in Prague
Multiple locations (Credit: Festivaly.eu)

When Peter sneaks out of the theater, a few of his schoolmates follow to join Signal Festival in Prague that takes place across the city for four days. The festival showcases a sort of Parade of Light with various revelers and performers dressed in traditional costumes decorated with flashing lights. However, in reality, the festival is a little different from what you see in the movie.

Signal Festival is an annual event that takes place in specific locations and there are no dressed up people in flashing outfits. The landmark buildings across the city are blazed with light projections, and if you wear 3D glasses, the elements will jump out at you as if they’re real.

Square in Liberec used for central Prague’s Old Town Square

Square in Liberec in Spider-Man Far From Home movie in Prague
45 minutes out of Prague (Credit: Metro.co.uk/Tilly Pearce)

The final stop was Náměstí Dr. E Beneše sat in place of the Staroměstské Náměstí that is a tourist hotspot and central area of Prague. Those familiar with Prague might have been surprised to see the final battle between Mysterio and the Spider-Man happening on a square located an hour away from the city.

The square was occupied for two weeks where filmmakers used a bit of artistic license and built a replica unit of the gothic towered building that overlooks the square to shoot scenes where Spider-Man is hanging off it. The Fountain of Neptune had a statue built over it that was blown away during the fight. On the square was also built a fun fair with a Ferris wheel, food stands, and game stations that served as an extension of the Signal Festival.

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