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So You Need to Learn Czech?

It comes as no surprise that Czech has been ranked among the hardest languages to learn, especially if you are coming from an english-speaking background. Its use of cases, which are variants of the word indicating its part of speech, can be a difficult concept to grasp. “Ř” is a sound unique to the language and many native-speaking children require speech therapy to pronounce it properly. 

Expats have plenty of reasons to learn Czech. Although learning a new language can be daunting, it is highly recommended to learn at least the basics of Czech for communicating your needs and wants in daily life. It shows respect for the country you’re living in and you never know when you will be in a situation where no one speaks your native language and you’ll have to rely on your Czech skills

Studying at the university level in Czech language is free and makes Czech Republic a popular destination for students, especially from countries such as Ukraine and Russia. Foreign students make up 15 percent of the university system, according to. A popular learning plan is to come for a year and attend language school before pursuing their degree full-time. More good news for students: learning another language helps keep your brain sharp and can help you learn other languages, too.

Learn Czech in Prague
The frustration can be worth it! Learning a new language is healthy for the brain

Czech Language TrainingFrancouzská 28

I’ve attended this language school periodically and highly recommend it because of their flexibility, class variety, and low level of commitment. For example, if you start a course at the A1 level, you pay for 2 weeks of classes; after those two weeks, you can seamlessly continue your A1 classes, or take a break until you’re able to attend again. This system made it especially convenient for student schedules, as one could take a month of courses during semester breaks without committing to an entire course or skill level. If you are unsure of your level, their online placement test will put you in the appropriate class. Class sizes are limited to eight students maximum to ensure a personalized experience and their evening, weekend, and intensive courses fit most schedules.

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czech language students Learn Czech
Small class sizes and flexible schedules make CZLT a great option for language school.

Charles University Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies

A free education at Charles University is the goal of many foreigners, and sufficient understanding of Czech language is the first step to enrolling in many programs. Charles University offers courses in Czech language (with a tuition fee) at flexible times. For the casual or multi-tasking student, courses can be taken during summer, in the evenings, and online. Classes outside of Prague are also available during the summer. Full-time, intensive courses extend from 6 weeks to up to a year long at their Albertov campus.

Advancing Your Knowledge

Reading is a crucial part of the language-learning process, so set yourself up for success with the right materials. Children’s nursery rhyme books are great for tiny learners, but for the adult brain, the niche words and nonsense rhymes don’t translate well into everyday use. Instead, opt for A1 or A2 level books with simple dialogue and plot at first, and gradually move up to harder reading levels as you progress. Plateauing is a normal part of the learning process, so don’t be discouraged if you find yourself stuck somewhere for too long. Just be consistent and the progress will show itself with time.

 Levne Knihy and Luxor  have many locations around the city

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