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Roots Health Clinic, Marcin Dochnal: first officially recognized chiropractor in the Czech Republic

In recent years, the West has seen a shift in attitudes surrounding their healthcare routines and are embracing traditional medicine as a viable option alongside western medicine. The Czech Republic is no exception and Prague has traditionally been a hub for open-minded individuals across Europe. Czechs tend to be receptive when it comes to practices like yoga, acupuncture, and using herbs and other natural remedies for small illnesses. Chiropractic medicine, practices in the Roots Health Clinic, is also seeing a rise in popularity in the Czech Republic as more of the public is adding holistic approach to their healing process.

Within Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), Chiropractic is the largest and most regulated practice. It takes five to eight years of university study to acquire a chiropractor’s license. It is also ranked the third largest healthcare profession in the world, after medicine and dentistry.

Roots Health Clinic

Marcin Dochnal, of Roots Health Clinic, became the first officially recognized chiropractor in the Czech Republic. Expat Hub got the chance to discuss with him the future of chiropractic in Central Europe.

Plenty of us have a friend or know someone swearing their chiropractor is a miracle worker, but chiropractic is not a singular cure for any disease. The average patient is usually seeking a holistic, full-body healing approach after conventional medicine failed to cure their ailment. Chiropractors are trained to address complaints of the spine. The most common problems stemming from the spine are:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Disk herniation
  • Fatigue or sleeping problems
  • Poor posture
  • Sciatica, or
  • Headaches and migraines
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Chiropractors use a hands-on approach to restore proper function of the spine and the neuromuscular system in lieu of traditional drugs or surgery. Adjustments, the industry term for the manipulation of the joints and spine, are done alongside education and exercises. Lifestyle and dietary changes are discussed in order to achieve long term health.

Chiropractors highlight the importance of homeostasis and natural healing mechanisms within the human body.

-Marcin Dochnal

Treatment methods

Roots also incorporates yoga and fundamental movement education into their treatment plans. Ema Ondráčková is a Buteyko method practitioner and nutritionist. She was studying architecture but found her passion was helping others to move and live well. If the body is a temple, Ema wants to make sure it’s being built right. Yoga helps the body function at its best by strengthening and retraining muscle groups so they properly support the skeleton. Sedentary office jobs and poor lifestyle habits, like not eating well or having poor posture, are often the cause of bodily discomfort. When one part of the body is injured or weak, the other muscle groups have to overcompensate. Once the problem areas are restored to full health, the rest of the body can function how it was designed.

Marcin and Ema’s holistic approach is evident in the first few minutes of the appointment, because their intake form is incredibly detailed. Patients might imagine their pain is isolated to one area, but usually it is part of a chain of dysfunction throughout the body. Roots is on a mission to educate the public and dispel rumors surrounding chiropractic adjustments.

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Their in-depth website​ includes a detailed ​FAQ​ page and explains each step of the chiropractic process. You can also follow them on ​Facebook​ and​ Instagram​.

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