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Prague is a vegan -friendly city! Who knew?

Vegan travelers know the struggle all too well of scouring the menu at an unfamiliar restaurant, only to order fries and a salad (without dressing, of course). For newcomers to Prague, good news is on the horizon: veganism and environmental activism are gaining momentum worldwide and local businesses have responded with more lifestyle varieties. A bit of research is all it takes for those with dietary restrictions to have a comfortable stay. I’ve gathered the following restaurants and stores which have been approved by my meat-eating and vegan friends alike in Prague.

Vegan Restaurants in Prague

Cafe Moment – Slezská 62

Moment Kavárna and Bistro is a versatile meeting place for doing homework or having a coffee with friends. Their desserts are constantly rotating, but my favorite is their crumbly “krtkův dort” cake, so if you see it, make sure you get one before it runs out. Moment is a hub for the vegan community and their bulletin board is full of notices for local meetups, activism, and vegan-friendly or organic shopping. On a final note, be aware that they are cash only, so stop by the bankomat beforehand.

Vegan Restaurants in Prague Cafe Moment – Slezská 62

MyRaw Cafe- Dlouhá 39

Raw Vegan refers to “cooking” vegan food without the use of heat and MyRaw Cafe is out to prove eating raw can be delicious and have variety. It appears to be working, as they recently opened a second location in Brno. Their specialties are desserts, but they offer a full menu, including all-day breakfast and a wine list. With catering, classes on raw vegan cooking, and Christmas cookie orders in December, raw vegans can find a like-minded community.

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Vegan Restaurants in Prague MyRaw Cafe- Dlouhá 39

Dhaba Beas

Dhaba Beas is a vegetarian chain of dishes from the northern region of India. With 11 locations throughout the city of Prague, you’re never too far from one. They are a self-serve, pay by weight restaurant, which allows you to customize your meal. None of the dishes contain eggs, meat, or fish, and many vegan options are available, so if you’re looking to convince your omnivore friends that vegan food can be delicious and filling, stop by.

Vegan Restaurants in Prague Dhaba Beas

Vegan Lifestyle in Prague

Bohempia- Sokolovská 76

Fast fashion has become a negatively impactful industry on the environment and human rights worldwide, but Bohempia is doing their part to lessen the carbon footprint of fashion by locally sourcing their labor and materials. Hemp has emerged as the latest eco-friendly fashion trend and Bohempia specializes in wardrobe basics, like colored tees and PETA-certified canvas shoes. 

Vegan Lifestyle in Prague  Bohempia- Sokolovská 76

Green Store- 28 Pluku 42

Green Store is a one-stop shop for vegan products such as cosmetics, cleaning supplies, baby needs, and food; they also cater to other dietary restrictions and preferences, such as gluten-free and organic. They also have shipping and wholesale options for individuals and businesses striving for a smaller carbon footprint.

Vegan Lifestyle in Prague Green Store- 28 Pluku 42

When it comes to communicating your needs, most vegan-related words have been adopted from the international dictionary, such as vegan and vegetarián. A few may be new to expats, but are easily picked up, for example: eko means ecologically friendly, bio means organic, and bez lepku means gluten-free.

In a country where pork and beef are a national heritage, eating vegan can seem daunting, but have no fear: veganism is on the rise and it has never been easier to find suitable cuisine and lifestyle products.

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