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Meals, Groceries, and More: EuroBest Delivery Delivers for Prague

On 14 March, 2020, the Czech government forbade eating in restaurants, bars, and cafes. This measure encouraged social distancing and to stop the spread of COVID-19. Restaurant dining rooms may have closed, but their kitchens are still open for business. Restaurants are working to become more adaptable. Overnight, owners changed strategy and opened their curbside windows and doors for take-away meals from the sidewalk. The city is slowly opening, but it will take some time to return to normal. For almost 20 years, EuroBest Delivery has been delivering restaurant meals to businesses and residences alike. They are meeting a need now more than ever for getting food to peoples’ doors. 

Old Town Foot Traffic Comes to a Halt

For small businesses especially, a decrease in foot traffic can be ruinous. Over the last decade, Old Town in Prague 1 is increasingly a tourist-only district, with locals moving out and staples like grocery stores and pharmacies moving to more residential areas. The consequences of the controversial zoning choices are becoming more obvious under the stay-at-home order. Restaurants and bars that thrive off of foot traffic are scrambling to stay afloat in the absence of tourists. They are turning to delivery to reach residents in other parts of the city.

EuroBest Delivery For Your Delivery Needs

If you’re like many Praguers, cooking all your own meals and washing all your dishes is becoming exhausting under the stay-at-home order. You are also probably running out of new recipes to try. They allow you to order from multiple restaurants at once. It’s the perfect option for colleagues ordering meals together, or trying to appease a picky family member. With 50 restaurants to choose from, there is a choice for every taste and dietary restriction.

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EuroBest Delivery has been delivering restaurant meals to businesses. They are meeting a need now more than ever for getting food to peoples’ doors.
Dining rooms may be closed, but kitchens are still cooking for delivery and outdoor seating.

Don’t Let COVID-19 Ruin Your Celebration

You might not be able to get together with all your friends for your birthday, or sit inside at a nice restaurant with your spouse for your anniversary, but that doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate at home. Along with hot meals, EuroBest Delivery customers can also order flowers for delivery. Turn your plans for a big night out into an intimate at-home dinner (made by someone else for a change!) with some delivered flowers and chocolates.

Meal Prep Made Easy

Under normal circumstances, grocery stores are the last place most people want to spend their time, much less during a pandemic. To make meal prep easier, EuroBest Delivery also delivers groceries and cold meals meant to be saved in the fridge until mealtime. As part of their benefits program, members earn points towards gifts, VIP membership, and vouchers. 

Their newest project is to deliver recipes with all the needed ingredients for the home chef with little time to plan and shop around, so check frequently with their website for the updated information.

Replies to “Meals, Groceries, and More: EuroBest Delivery Delivers for Prague”

  1. I don’t know anybody who would use Eurobest delivery. I did use them few times before the market developed. They are overpriced and you are having much cheaper and user friendly alternatives now. Try “damejidlo” for food delivery, “” or “” for groceries. Supermarkets like Tesco are offering deliveries on their web as well.

    1. Dear Petr, thank you for your comment. Sure, you should try different delivery companies before you choose the right one for you.

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