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Impact Hub: Remote Work as the New Normal

The decentralization of business needs led to a rise in freelancing and contract work in recent years. It continues to trend upwards as businesses find money-saving ways to employ remotely from abroad. With these trends, comes the need for a space entirely dedicated to working. A traditional office used to provide the focus and freedom from distractions to work, but employees under quarantine learned how hard it is being productive while working from home. Even as conditions return to normal, working from home without a dedicated office space can be frustrating. It is easy to distract yourself with household chores, or get into a slump trying to work from your bedroom. An answer to the growing shift to remote work is co-working spaces, like Prague’s Impact Hub.

Adjusting to a New Market

A silver lining from Prague’s COVID-19 quarantine may be the ability to move to home office flexibility. Some traditional employees have wanted their positions moved to home office for a while and this year’s sudden free trial of working from home is showing employers the possibilities. Businesses were forced to move their operations entirely online over the last few months. They are realizing it is possible for employees to stay productive and connected to coworkers while working from home or abroad. Employees who once found themselves negotiating in vain to have their roles made remote, may see a shift in attitude as businesses worldwide adapt to changing regulations. Impact Hub has ten years of experience in Prague hosting remote employees, and is welcoming this summer’s influx of remote workers. 

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Building A Foundation for Your Small Business

Co-working spaces are a huge benefit for startups and small businesses, which have a need for meeting areas. Professional meeting spaces help startups cultivate authenticity with their clients and get new projects off the ground. Impact Hub has a dozen options for every professional need. Their packages range from 10 hours a month to unlimited usage. They even have special tariffs for off-peak hours during the night and early morning hours- perfect for the startup founder working on a passion project outside of their regular income.

A dedicated work space helps build a work life balance, especially for freelancers and start ups.

Come Learn More About Impact Hub

 If you want to start a new project, need to improve your business activities or you just search for new motivation after tough times, Impact Hub has the support structure to help. They offer professional help, a special acceleration program and contacts with great people. Impact Hub has more than 1700 members in the Czech Republic and their events are an opportunity to expand your professional network. They have available office space in Vinohrady and Smíchov, with a blooming private garden, and comfy meeting rooms. 

Impact Hub’s D10 conference spaces give small businesses and start ups a place to host meetings without worrying about long term rental commitments.

With travel restrictions in place, travelling internationally for business may be less convenient in 2020. Impact Hub makes international cooperation easier with technical equipment for online conferences. Their international reach means even for expats planning to move away from Prague, one of Impact Hub’s 100 locations is sure to be near to your new home.  Visit their website to learn more.

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