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How to Find Job in Prague: Detailed Guide

According to the Expat Insider guide’s ranking, this year the Czech Republic has been ranked as the second-best in the world to work in for expats. It is no surprise that the country’s capital with the largest number of foreigners choosing it as their second home has a great contribution to this. Prague is one of the most vivid, beautiful, economically stable, and flourishing European capitals. Offering great work-life balance, favorable work conditions such as extra vacation days, flexible schedules, safe work environment, international setting, and opportunities to grow, make the Czech and locally-based international companies very appealing for many foreigners looking to develop professionally abroad. Are you excited to see for yourself already? Finding the perfect job in the heart of Europe can be a smooth process if you have some insights into the local job market. We are here to share with you the essentials to make sure you land your perfect job in Prague.

Where to search for jobs in Prague

Starting out with the most common ways to explore job opportunities is not a bad idea. Make use of resources such as offers advertised on LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed’s Czech Republic section.

If you would like to find a job with your mother tongue in Prague, Europe Language Jobs is a job board especially for expats, that publishes positions from international companies for foreigners who would like to work on their native language such as German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Slovak, Croatian, Polish and many more.

There are also local websites definitely worth keeping an eye on: – the website has an English version and it will give you access to many offers for full-time and part-time jobs as well as internships. You have the option to filter the positions based on the place, company, or the business sector you are interested in.

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JobsinPrague – especially for Prague-based offers, this job board currently has more than 1000 active vacancies with English as a working language.

PraceCentrum – even though you can’t navigate through the website in English, there are offers that do not require Czech.

JobMaster Prague – also a Czech website with job vacancies in Prague requiring different language skills such as German, Slovak, English, etc. 

Tip: You can use the Google Chrome translation extension to get the local websites translated in English for you.

Most common expat jobs

Even though Prague used to be an industrial city back in the days, now the most significant sector is the service one. Around 80% of the working population in Prague is employed in modern services contributing to a flourishing R&D-based economy and growing interest for foreign investments. This makes opportunities for expats more and more unlimited and diverse.  Business development, IT, and finance skills are amongst the most appreciated qualities, and the job seekers who possess them, have a high chance to land a job in an international setting fast. It is worth mentioning that expats typically tend to earn more than the average salary for positions within these sectors.

Another professional opportunity in Prague suitable for expatriates is foreign language teaching. The most in-demand languages are German and English but any language qualification is a plus. To practice this profession, private language schools and businesses require a bachelor degree as well as some background in the field or certificates but the private lesson tutoring is another way of starting off your teaching career.

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Networking in Prague

Networking is an essential part of your job search. If you live in Prague as an expat, there are always events and many opportunities to go out there and meet up with others to form professional relationships and get in contact with people that have similar interests or do what you would like to be engaged with too. Make use of career and job events, workshops, LinkedIn connections, expatriate groups, and common interest groups and events in Prague.

Another popular way of seeking information, browsing job possibilities, and keeping in touch with locals and expatriates in Prague, is joining Facebook groups. You can open discussions, ask questions, and scroll through posts that can take you where you wish to be.

Being proactive is the key!

Some pros for working in Prague

  • Very low unemployment rate – 1.9% in 2019
  • High salaries and benefits packages for expats
  • Many internationals and booming social life activities to spice up the day after working hours
  • No permit needed for EU citizens

Are you a Non-EU citizen? Then you are required to obtain a work permit. Once you found a job, your future employer is the one to start the process by registering the vacancy at the city’s Labor Office. Keep in mind that the permits are issued per work position and require a pre-determined work period. Your work permit can take between 4 weeks and two months’ time to be processed.

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