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How to come up with a creative business idea: 13 CHA-CHINGS

“I’m not a very creative person… and I’m not sure if I’m creative enough to come up with a business idea.” Something in those lines told me my new amazing client.

I’ve been thinking about her words since then because it bothers me… It bothers me to see that there are so many amazing women wanting to build a life of freedom, yet, little doubts and fears might be preventing them from taking the leap… just to be clear, I’m not perfect, we all have got something, don’t we? 

I thought I’ll share with you my little secret because you might have similar thoughts like my client (or you might know of someone who feels the same way) – and let me tell you, it would be a shame if this would stop somebody from starting a business.

Ok, so here is the thing.

Coming up with a business idea is actually NOT about being creative or not. 

In fact, just talking from my own experience, being creative might be a BIG hurdle when starting a business, because we, creatives, have way too many ideas and then we don’t know which one to choose! 

(Those who’re creative are just nodding right now – I can see you!)

Now thinking about it… Even though I’ve got a Masters degree in Business I can’t remember a single professor talking about this business secret…. I call it *13 CHA-CHINGS*.

What are the *13 CHA-CHINGS*? 

Ok, before I go into it, let me share with you something. People don’t buy anything unless it (it = product or service) solves their problems.

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What do I mean by that? 

Ok, let me use an example…

What was the last thing you bought? 

Let’s say, you bought a latte with oat milk this morning.

Ok, now – why did you buy that? 

Well, because you love the taste of coffee with oat milk… and you might be vegan too… and you can’t be bothered to make coffee at home.

You see, you didn’t buy the coffee because the barista looks hot, right?

You know what I’m saying?

We, people, humans, don’t buy things just because we have too much money and we don’t freaking know what to do with them! 

So, what I mean is that you might have a brilliant business idea but if you don’t sort out a problem (or problems) that people have, simply said, they won’t buy from you.

Because… people don’t care about you. They care about themselves. 

If you’re thinking about starting a business you MUST understand *13 CHA-CHINGS* as it’ll open up your way of thinking about people and entrepreneurship.

Ok, so here it is.

*13 CHA-CHINGS* to Come up With a Business Idea

*13 CHA-CHINGS* are people’s needs that will help you to understand what people are willing to pay for.

People do pay = You’ve got a business.

People don’t pay = You’ve got a hobby. 

People come to you because they want to:

  • CHA-CHING #1: have more time
  • CHA-CHING #2: make more money
  • CHA-CHING #3: save more money
  • CHA-CHING #4: have more freedom
  • CHA-CHING #4: have more freedom
  • CHA-CHING #5: feel beautiful
  • CHA-CHING #6: feel loved
  • CHA-CHING #7: feel a connection (with someone/something, have a sense of belonging)
  • CHA-CHING #8: feel like they contribute/help in some way
  • CHA-CHING #9: feel important/significant/unique in some way
  • CHA-CHING #10: be healthy/sort out their health issues
  • CHA-CHING #11: find inner peace
  • CHA-CHING #12: have an easier solution to their problem
  • CHA-CHING #13: be entertained/have fun
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So, in other words, creative or not – it doesn’t matter. You just have to find a business idea that fits with 1 or more of the *13 CHA-CHINGS*.

Have a think about it.

Why would people buy from you? What cha-ching will your product/service bring to your clients?

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