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Going Vegan in Prague: 5 Must-Visit Plant-Based Restaurants

The Czech Republic is known for its rich, filling and generally meaty cuisine, but it does not stop many inspirational chefs from creating plant-based light menus, which will please your palate. The gradual increase in the number of vegans and growing demand for healthy yet tasty food led to an expanding market of vegan diners. Here, we compiled a list of top 5 vegan restaurants in Prague which you cannot miss out on.

Satsang – Krymská 24

Atmospheric, cosy, and stylish, Satsang is a perfect romantic hideaway for those who can appreciate fusion cuisine and seek new surprising culinary discoveries. The chef creates a menu based on the best vegetarian and vegan dishes from countries like Thailand, the US, and Italy. You can enjoy their famous Pad Thai (some people claim it is even better than in Thailand!), Italian pasta and American-style “beyond-meat” burger with fries, which you can pair with draft Prosecco or a glass of Mimosa.

They add new dishes every season – this summer’s hit is a noodle salad with herbs. At Satsang, you can enjoy watching the chef prepare your meal in an open-style kitchen using carefully-picked, fresh ingredients. They offer a discounted lunch menu every Monday to Friday, and dinner menus every day from 5 pm. On the weekends, try their mouth-watering American-style brunch from 10 am to 4 pm (vegan or vegetarian depending on your preference.) And even if you are not vegetarian, Satsang is a favorite choice of those who crave delicious dishes prepared in a healthy, organic way. Since the place is small, elegant, and greatly popular, you will need a reservation at any time – a good Czech tradition to follow, in general!

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Veggie Garden – Pobřežní 12

Known as the most creative and innovative vegan restaurant in Prague, Veggie Garden is here to surprise you with their inventive, peculiar, and unusual lunch options in the heart of Karlin. Currently, the menu includes such dishes as kale meatballs with mashed potatoes, beet risotto and even a parsley cream soup with sesame seeds! Not only are their meals truly one of a kind, but they are also made fresh with no preservatives.

At Veggie Garden, you can be sure that your food was prepared with love, care, and a touch of individuality. Some of the visitors’ favorite dishes include their unique soups and Veggie Garden’s-style falafel for its rich taste, nice texture and affordable price. Furthermore, they offer a variety of flavorful desserts and unique drinks (such as a fresh ginger juice) perfect to finish off your meal. The restaurant is open daily from 8 am to 7 pm, and the space is most busy during the lunchtime since Veggie Garden is a popular choice of those who work in the area. They update the menu weekly and share it on their Facebook page, so make sure to check their new options before visiting.

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Vegan’s Prague – Nerudova 36

Vegan’s Prague will offer you more than simply delicious food: while savoring your meal, you can also enjoy the magnificent view of Prague Castle. Due to the restaurant’s location, you can expect the prices to be on the higher side. However, it is still worth your time because of the appetizing meals and high reviews of those who paid a visit. Vegan’ Prague has Czech vegan options, which makes it stand out as an authentic local restaurant with an interesting twist.

Here, you can try original vegan dumplings, vegan goulash and even vegan Svíčková made with beans and vegetables! In addition to that, they offer homemade vegan parmesan or cashew cheese, and freshly-made buns. After you are done with your meal, make sure to taste their most popular desserts: home-made fruit dumplings and daily offers of freshly baked cakes. Paired with organic coffee or a glass of vegan-friendly Fritz Cola, it creates a perfect meal for an unhurried, leisurely evening. The restaurant uses organic ingredients, and the staff is always available to inform you about the allergens in the meals. Vegan’s Prague is open Monday to Sunday from 11:30 to 21:30 – go and spend an unforgettable day sightseeing the castle before stopping for lunch or dinner.

Lehka Hlava – Boršov 280/2

“Came for the views, stayed for the food” – that’s how visitors describe Lehka Hlava, which is located in Prague 1. The restaurant is situated in a 500-years old building, which used to host winemakers, goldsmiths, and puppeteers centuries ago. Today, its ceiling is designed as a starry sky, tables are decorated with lights, and intimate chandeliers are creating a magical, spiritual atmosphere. Lehka Hlava is a vegetarian restaurant, which aims at reducing rates of global meat consumption, but they have many tasty vegan options.

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The food is prepared from fresh, high-quality ingredients in an open-style kitchen. Currently, some of their most mouth-watering options include bulgur risotto with truffle oil, halloumi burger, and Asian wok. You can request most of the meals to be vegan and pair them with a premium-class wine or beer. Lehka Hlava translates as “Clear Head” because here you can expect to forget about your worries, relax under the star-filled sky and get immersed into a different universe. The restaurant is very small and gets crowded fast, so make sure to book a table – especially, for dinner. Lehka Hlava promises to captivate your senses and leave you with an unforgettable experience- and we think that it is definitely worth a try! 

Mist – Korunní 48

A little Asian vegan heaven is hiding right at Korunni street, ready to inspire you with its authentic feel and appetizing meals prepared from fresh organic ingredients. Impressive statues of Buddha and dim lights fully immerse you into the mysterious, spiritual Asian world. Such careful attention to details turns dinner into a cultural experience where everything, down to the interior, is designed to spiritually enrich you. Mist is open from Monday to Sunday, 11:00-19:00, but you are encouraged to make a reservation ahead of time to save a spot due to the small size of the restaurant.

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Their menu is entirely vegan and has a unique Asian twist to it, as in the case with their tempting Mist curry made with organic vegetable and home-made tofu; and fresh udon noodles with mushrooms. Healthy and light, their food options will please the palate of the most avid meat-lovers. Pair your meal with visitors’-favorite jasmine tea, and relax to the sounds of deep ambient music. Unlike many other restaurants, Mist allows you to bring your own food containers and participate in reducing disposable waste: otherwise, you have to pay the additional 10 CZK. Enjoy a cosy, unhurried, and mystical evening full of new captivating cultural revelations.

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