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Treat your muscle pain at Fabus Fit Clinic

If you’re anything like most office workers, you have aches and pains from sitting in an office for hours at a time. Juraj Fabuš sees it all the time in his private gym, Fabuš Fit Clinic. We got the chance to interview Juraj about our modern aches and pains and he tells Expat Hub,

“I have clients come in complaining of neck and back pain, and I tell them to look in the mirror- they’re slouching. When one muscle is underused or injured, the surrounding muscles overcompensate and the pain radiates outwards and affects other body parts.” 

It’s common in western culture to immediately take something like neck pain to the doctor for a quick fix like a painkiller, or to suffer with muscle aches later in life and just assume “well, this is how my body works now. This is what aging looks like.” Our lifestyle relies a lot more on sitting and other general inactivity than in generations previous, and it is becoming more obvious in the increase of muscle-related injuries. We are meant to move, and when we don’t keep up daily movement, our bodies begin to break down.

“I’ll Catch Up This Weekend”

 Sometimes, we try to overcompensate for our inactive lifestyle with intense workouts, which can do more harm than good. Another common group with injuries are the “weekend warriors” who don’t train their bodies during the week, then try to make up for their inactivity and go hard on the weekends with an intense football game with friends or a hard workout. That’s when the injuries start.

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NeuroKinetic Therapy

NeuroKinetic Therapy is a physical therapy discipline with the belief is that the body is interconnected: a problem in one area will radiate outward and affect surrounding areas. NKT focuses on fixing the root of the problem by targeting the weakened muscles and performing exercises or stretches to improve their performance. Once you strengthen them, they can perform their original job with ease and efficiency. What might have started as mildly-annoying, occasional back pain from sitting all day can escalate into debilitating back and shoulder pain. But the good news is many of these problems can be resolved. With correct posture and strengthening exercises, health can be restored through a properly-functioning foundation.

Fabuš Fit Clinic

While working for a gym in Edinburgh, Juraj noticed a trend of people leaving the gym more injured and broken than when they came in. The main culprit was over relying on machines.

Gym goers sometimes prefer the machine instead of body weight exercises, because it can target just one muscle group. But problems can occur if not used responsibly and with a varied workout. The body knows how to move naturally and machines can take the workout away from core muscles. The results of over-targeting certain muscles can lead to injury.

Fit Clinic in Prague Juraj Fabus

At Fabuš Fit Clinic, Juraj practices a blend of physical therapy and working out. His goal is to heal a muscle-related injury organically before resorting to lifelong medications or surgeries. The most common injuries Juraj is treating are lower back and neck pain from office workers with a sedentary lifestyle. 

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He saw a need in the fitness market for a therapeutic gym for those looking to heal their bodies with body-weight exercise. Those less focused on quick fixes or cosmetic aesthetics, but on long term healing and building a foundation of improved health. It’s not about having bigger muscles, but about building a more effective body from the ground up. Fabuš Fit Clinic has been serving the expat community in Amsterdam for a decade, and in Prague for two years already. You can learn more on Fit Clinic website,  Facebook, and Instagram.

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