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Find Your Co-Working Space in Prague

We are definitely in the age of co-working spaces thanks to key environmental changes. Rent on offices is often under multi-year leases and out of reach for small businesses, freelancing is moving from being a part-time gig to a full-time career, and digital nomads are taking over traditional office-based jobs. Prague has jumped in popularity as a home for digital nomads and the market has responded with an increase in co-working spaces. This made it easier to find a co-working space in Prague.

Working from home is an amazing opportunity, but the monotony and feeling of isolation gets old quickly. Meet the co-working space: a building in which a designated office space or desk is available to those working remotely. Some cite co-working spaces with better productivity, as it forces them out of their pajamas and into the world. Co-working spaces in Prague often hold networking events for members and are a solution for startups looking for short-term office space and meeting rooms for presentations. With all the options popping up around the city, you’re sure to find one for your company’s budget and needs.

Impact Hub– Drtinova 10 or Koperníkova 10

Impact Hub has more than 100 locations, two of which are in Prague: Vinohrady’s “K10” and Smichov’s “D10.” The have spaces for hosting small and large events, with catering options and a cafe available.

Work Lounge– Pernerova 51  or Václavské Náměstí 3

Work Lounge was founded in Florida, USA, by Czech entrepreneur, Lubomír Šilhavý. He expanded his business back to his home country and now Prague has two locations: one in the city center at Wenceslas Square, and the other in Karlin’s business center.

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WeWork– Národní 14

WeWork is the hottest topic in the co-working world, as it is, in essence, a real estate company being evaluated as a tech giant. After reporting losses of 900 million in 2019, and the CEO cashing out 700 million, the move to present an IPO has baffled economists. Regardless of the recent debates, a Prague location will soon be joining the WeWork network with five floors of offices in the Národní Třída area. Czech Republic will be among the 32 countries currently hosting WeWork.

Co-Working Space in Prague

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