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Eco-Friendly Restaurants in Prague For Meat Lovers

Although vegetarian restaurants are all the rage, several Prague based restaurants offer eco-friendly dining by serving high quality, organic meat. These restaurants focus on ethically and locally sourced meat and vegetables, and the highest quality ingredients. Dive into a world of flavor without compromises for meat lovers or the environment. 

Here are some of the eco-friendly restaurants in Prague that decided to do things differently. In addition, we offer a list of local restaurants and bistros that allow you to take your order away in a reusable take away box!

The “Whole Animal” Restaurant

Sansho was founded in 2011 as Prague’s first “whole animal” restaurant. Sansho offers asian cuisine made exclusively from carefully selected farms around the Czech Republic. Sansho guarantees their high quality by ensuring 100% traceability of their meat and working with certified butchers. They make sure that they utilize the whole animal from nose to tail so nothing goes to waste, which is highly eco-friendly.

Sansho only chooses the best meat from “slow grown, happy animals” that live free range and are organically farmed. Their beef is free from antibiotics and all their meat is dry aged only. Their asian produce comes from the vibrant Vietnamese markets of Prague. You can also enjoy their meat to go in a take away box from their butcher! While Sansho truly know their meat, they also have a renowned vegan menu.
Check them out at Petrská 1170/25, New Town. 

Czech Farm to Prague Table

La Farma is an eco-friendly restaurant built on a strong philosophy of empathy, fair play, and kind heartedness. La Farma care just as much about the wellbeing of their employees and guests as they do about the quality of their ingredients. La Farma aspires to be a restaurant with a soul. They personally care about their suppliers. Their suppliers are top tier local farmers, such as Amaso, who pay attention to every detail in the process of raising their beef. La Farma also uses locally grown vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms, free range eggs and organic local honey. La Farma focuses predominantly on Czech cuisine of the highest quality but they also offer a selection of international dishes.
Find them on Čáslavská 2027/5, Vinohrady. 

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Locally Sourced Goodness 

Nota Bene’s absolute priority is the quality of ingredients. They pride themselves in using organic ingredients and seasonal produce from small Bohemian and Moravian farms. Nota Bene also cooks with organic beef, free range farm poultry, locally sourced lamb, and locally caught fish. Nota Bene also uses seasonal local mushrooms. Nota Bene. They go above and beyond with their selection of Bohemian and Moravian wines and their own specially micro-brewed beer from one of the most talented brewers in the Czech Republic. They say the whole secret is that they love what they do and they wish to share that love and passion with everybody. 
Discover everything this eco-friendly restaurant in Prague has to offer at Mikovcova 4. 

The Mighty Flexitarians

Spojka Karlín prides itself in being the first flexitarian restaurant in the Czech Republic. The flexitarian diet is a sustainable approach to eating, where the consumption of meat is reduced in response to the negative ecological impact of the meat industry. At Spojka Karlín they are happy to serve vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers at the same table. They are motivated by the philosophy that food connects us. All the meat they serve is organic and free range, their beef is provided by BioPark, a local organic farmers’ association, and their pork comes from Maso Domů, which guarantees that it is free from added sugar and preservatives. Their eggs are also locally sourced from a family farm, organic and free range.

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Spojka Karlín serves food from breakfast to dinner and has an in-house bakery. To top it off, they serve unpasteurized beer from the Záhora mini-brewery. Spojka Karlín also participates in the Rekrabička take away program, so you can enjoy all their dishes in the comfort of your home, guilt free. Spojka Karlín proves they belong among the best eco-friendly restaurants in Prague.
You can find them at Pernerova 35, Prague 8. 

Chicken Made with Tender Loving Care 

Chickin serves southern style fried chicken and other delicious chicken dishes such as quesadillas and sandwiches. The chicken is free range and comes from local farms. Their chicken is free from antibiotics and hormones. For vegetarians they offer fried marinated tofu. Chickin is also the first Prague restaurant to have a vermicompost, which helps them turn kitchen waste into fertiliser. Chickin cooperates with the Czech University of Agriculture on a new project, the vermireactor, which is a new and unique method of decomposing organic matter. Chickin also uses organic cleaning products. It’s an eco-friendly restaurant in Prague worth checking out!
Chickin is located near the Hradčanská metro station at Dejvická 6.  

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Reuse to Reduce 

The Rekrabička project is gaining momentum throughout the Czech Republic. Rekrabička allows you to get take away from your local restaurant in a reusable container you can later return. The project aims to reduce the amount of single use and disposable packaging that is created by take away meals. Several local restaurants participate in this revolutionary project, including Cattani, Jedna báseň, Radost FX, Spojka Karlín, Vegan Life, U nás, U kohouta, VN 42, Veget Bistro Café and VIG Jídelna. 

The growing eco-conscious movement is transforming the local food scene. It is possible to love meat and treat yourself while reducing your environmental impact. Thanks to these eco-friendly restaurants in Prague, meat lovers can finally find their favorites, guilt free! 

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