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Divoká Šárka: Prague’s Closest National Park

Explore Czech wildlife and get your workout at the same time with a hike at Divoká Šárka. It is located conveniently within the tram line system, just take the 20 or 26, but far enough from the centre to escape the noise and crowds of the city. I think my favorite part of a visit to this national park is getting off the tram, seeing the hills from the road in all of their beauty- then immediately glancing down at the brightly-lit McDonald’s in the foreground. The juxtaposition highlights just how close it is to the city, but still far enough away to feel like you’ve gone hours away.

The raw beauty of Divoká Šárka’s cliff sides, streams, and fields are a welcome break from city life, and a quiet place for a contemplative hike, bike ride, or run. Along the paths are educational signs about local flora and fauna, and for the best odds of seeing wild hares and deer, come at dawn or dusk when they are most active and remain quiet on your hike. 

Near the top of the main hill are sheep and goats that graze during the warmer months. Signs welcome you to look at them so long as you respect the electrified fences. A picnic at the top of the hill is the best reward for the walk up (we promise we won’t tell anyone if that picnic comes from the McDonald’s down the hill)!

With the cobblestones and lack of bike lanes on major roads, Prague isn’t the most bike-friendly city, but Divoká Šárka provides a safe place to cycle. Biking is among the most popular activities at the park given its long paths, access to stunning nature, and limited automobile access. There are vast, flat sections of paths for casual going, but also higher inclines for those who want more of a challenge in their workout.

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Biking Prague Expat Hub Divoká Šárka

Divoká Šárka: Rumor Has It

This national park, which translates to “Wild Šárka,” is named for a woman warrior of Bohemian folklore. According to legends immortalized in Alois Jirásek’s 1894 Ancient Bohemian Legends, Divoká Šárka is named after Šárka, a lieutenant of Vlasta in The Maiden’s War. During the war between the sexes, Šárka tricked the enemy’s army by setting a trap in the valley. 

Koupaliště Šárka

What’s a more relaxing way to beat the heat than at the self-proclaimed calmest pool in Prague? When the city pools get overcrowded, head over to the pool at Divoká Šárka and enjoy the natural surroundings. They accept MultiSport card and have discounted prices for children, students, seniors, and admissions after 4:30pm. When you’re done cooling off, you can play table tennis at 50kc an hour. No matter what kind of sport you use to relax, you will find it at Divoká Šárka .

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