Cycling around Prague

Cycling Destinations Around Prague

Cycling is an affordable and eco-friendly pastime. It lets you explore exciting new spots you might not otherwise visit! Prague and its surrounding areas offer some fantastic cycling routes with wonderful scenery. We asked local cycling enthusiasts for their favorite spots to cycle to and we put them together for you to enjoy. Here are some of the most popular cycling destinations around Prague that might inspire your ride! 

Where to Get a Bicycle

First and foremost, if you do not own a bicycle but you would still love to go explore the fun cycling destinations around Prague, you can easily rent one in one of Prague’s many rentals. OKOLO Bike Rental is located directly in the center of town, in Revoluční 8, Prague 1, close to the náměstí Republiky metro and the Palladium shopping center. You can easily access it using public transport, and start your ride directly from there! The A2 cycle path starts nearby and will lead you up the Vltava river bank with a picturesque view and no cars to spoil your ride. Price examples are around  300kč for 4hours or 400kč for the day. All you need is one ID  such as a passport, ID card, or driving license, and a cash deposit of 1500kč per bike. You will find OKOLI at Revoluční 8 in the courtyard. 

Rekola Bike Sharing

Another option is bike sharing. Rekola is a bike sharing service available around Prague. You can download their app and pick up one of their bright pink bicycles anywhere in the city. All you need to do is create an account and add your payment details to get going. When you come across a pink Rekola bike you scan the bike’s QR code with the app and you instantly receive the code to the bike lock. You are ready to go! It is just as simple to return the bicycle once you are done with it. The basic rate is 24 kč for 30 minutes and they offer long term rental packages as well. 

The A1 Cyclepath to Karlštejn

The A1 cycle path is one of the most popular cycling routes in Prague. It follows the left bank of the Vltava and later the Berounka river starting from Lahovice, which is beneath the Barrandov bridge, through Černošice to Dobřichovice and Hlásná Třebáň. It is even possible to access the A1 from Stromovka park through Holešovice and Lesser town, however that section of the path is yet unmarked. The more ambitious can follow the Berounka river all the way to Karlštejn castle!  The route from the Barrandov bridge to Karlštejn castle is about 26 km long and skilled cyclists can manage in about two hours. At a leisurely pace the route can take 4 hours. You can cycle there and back, or you can take the train as a part of your journey. There is a train station in every major town along the route. 

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A1 Cyclepath to Karlštejn

Musa Radotín 

Along the A1 route through Radotín is Musa, a charming local restaurant with a garden, a gelato stand, a street food wagon and a bike shop. It’s the perfect place to park your bike and get refreshments for your ride, or make it its own destination! The beautifully designed restaurant also hosts events and workshops for cycling enthusiasts. They have a wide selection of meat lover and vegetarian dishes, and a special weekend menu. The Trilobit Bar street food bar situated in an up-cycled train carriage serves burgers and other treats Thursday through Sunday. Musa Radotín truly has it all and there is no doubt why it’s a favorite cycling destination in Prague for local cyclists. 

Helpful Maps

The server can help you find and follow cycle paths around the country. It is available in English and allows users to rate and comment a route, so you can easily learn everything you need to know about your desired route and find user recommendations for cycling destinations around Prague as well. Bikemap can also be downloaded as an app so you can take it with you on your trip. also feature all local cycle paths. is a great first place to look if you want to get a sense of where the cycle paths are and how they connect. The cycle paths are clearly marked in pink and they are all numbered so you never lose track of where you want to go. You can set your start point and destination and it will find a route and time specifically for bicycles and guide you along. You can set the preferences to mountain bike or road bike and will adjust which route you should take, between bike lanes and cycle tracks for mountain bikes and cycle tracks and roads for road bikes. also feature hiking trails if you decide to abandon your bicycle or find a new hobby. can also display the weather along your route. Like all good things, come as a practical app. 

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The Veltrusy Chateau 

The ride to Veltrusy is easy and suitable for casual cyclists and children. You can tour the chateau or relax in the chateau park. The chateau has several permanent exhibitions for you to see. If you grow tired of your bicycle the Veltrusy chateau offers horse rides and carriage rides around the chateau park.

Veltrusy Chateau

Unětice Brewery

Unětice lies just beyond Suchdol and is an easy bike ride away from Prague, mostly along the Unětice stream. This charming brewery was founded in 1710 and brews 10° and 12° beer from traditional Czech ingredients. The Unětice Brewery has its own restaurant that is a favorite for local cyclists.  Find it on on Rýznerova 19/5 252 62 Unětice. 

Unětice lies just beyond Suchdol and is an easy bike ride away from Prague

Okoř Castle and Restaurant 

If you fancy a longer ride, about an hour and a half,  then Okoř castle and the local restaurant are the perfect place to visit. The restaurant has a summer terrace so you can soak up the sun. The Okoř castle ruins are about 15 k from the center of Prague and are surrounded by the picturesque countryside. The Castle ruins are easily accessible, without any steep hills, and are fun to explore. The castle grounds are also a venue for occasional events and concerts. It is worth a ride!  You will find them at Okoř 23 252 64 Praha – Západ. 

Okoř Castle ruins near Prague

The Hostivař Forest and Dam 

The Hostivař forest is a lesser known park on the outskirts of Prague in the direction of Chodov. The park offers freely accessible fire-pits so you can have a campfire when you get there. There is also a mini zoo and a moat with water birds. The Hostivař forest is close to the Hostivař dam where you can relax and swim after your ride. The dam will be hosting a miniature festival on 28.8.2020 and 29.8.2020, with live music, drinks and food.

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lake at K Jezeru at Hostivar forest and Dam
Find the lake at K Jezeru 109 00 Praha 10 GPS: 50,043695 14,529699

The Troja Chateau and ZOO 

Troja chateau can be reached by the cycle path from Stromovka Park

You can easily reach the Troja chateau following the cycle path from Stromovka Park. The baroque chateau from 1679 has a gallery of modern and contemporary art, several exhibitions and a café for you to explore. As of 2020, the chateau is the site of the BIO TROJA project, and the park will become a de facto laboratory for experiments in composting and fermentation. The project wishes to become a meeting point for environmental enthusiasts, musicians, artists, botanists, scientists and others. Unfortunately, the Bio Troja project website is only available in Czech at the moment. If you prefer animals, the Prague zoo is just a short bike ride away! The Prague Zoo frequently places among the top 4 zoos in the world! It is without a doubt one of the best cycling destinations around Prague. If you follow the cycle path beyond Troja, you can reach the popular destination Klecánky, where you can stop for refreshments before heading back.

These are just some of the dozens of exciting cycling destinations around Prague. You can visit them or make them a stop on your own route. Once you learn to find your way around the cycle paths you can explore in all the different directions! There are many sites and stops along each of them. The possibilities are endless, choose your own adventure! 

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