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Breaking Up With Ikea. Alternative Places to Buy Furniture in Prague.

Your home is your sanctuary from hectic days and should be comfortable and reflect your personality. Whether you’re moving to a different flat, or upgrading your current furniture, Prague has many home decor and antique stores from which to choose. Find your inspiration at a locally-run gallery or explore the grassroots swaps and online moving sales within your community. Shopping for your home locally not only lowers your environmental impact, but also keeps money in Prague’s economy. 

Out with the Old Furniture

Selling Your Old Household Goods in Prague

Brick and mortar consignment shops are not very popular yet for household goods, but if you’re looking to make back some of your money, Facebook Marketplace has been climbing the ranks as the most popular way to buy and sell used goods around Prague. There are even brand-specific “buy/sell/trade (b/s/t)” groups for your particular tastes. The most popular groups include:

Another online buying and selling app in Prague is letgo, which allows you to browse based on your immediate area, so you don’t have to trek all over the city to haul furniture home. 

Furniture Swaps in Prague

When my friends host swaps, we all bring our items to our gracious host’s flat, lay them out in categorized piles (like: decorations, dishes) and then go shopping! At the end of the night, we have new things to replace the ones we gave away. The host then rounds up the leftovers and donates them to the closest secondhand. Check out your local parents club, sports team, religious group, or other community to see if they already do regular swaps or if you can start the trend and host your own.

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In With the New Furniture in Prague

Nanovo – Online Warehouse

If you’re in the market for vintage furniture, the Nanovo team specializes in finding and refurbishing high-end furniture from the 1950s-2000, with an emphasis on Czechoslovak-made pieces. For those that are more handy with tools, their “before renovation” section has items that may need a bit of love first. New items go up for sale all the time, so be sure to check in often.

Nostalgic – Online Store

Feeling nostalgic? This online store buys and sells mid-century modern home decor items. Instead of travelling to the edge of the city for build-it-yourself furniture identical to your neighbor’s, take advantage of Nostalgic’s delivery options. By salvaging lost parts of the past and giving them new life, their inventory is always rotating and a unique piece is sure to catch your eye and be the center of attention in your home.

Starožitnosti Bazárek – Mánesova 40

For a secret santa party last Christmas, I needed a “unique gift for 100 kc” and knew this quirky bazaar was where I would find it. The old man who runs the shop is very proud of his collection and I told him about my treasure hunt; after scouring the glass dolls, vintage pins, and statuettes, we finally found the crazy gift my friends would love: a bowl full of deer antlers. They were a hilarious addition to the party, and Starožitnosti Bazárek gained a loyal customer. He doesn’t  have a website, so when I’m walking home and have a few minutes, I like to stop by and see the new available items My tip: in preparation for your next trip to Karlovy Vary, check out his large selection of antique spa cups and have a souvenir that is unlike any other.

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Ikea may have been with you during your college days, but it’s time for an upgrade. When it comes to your home, investing just a little bit of time in finding the right furniture to fit your budget and style makes all the difference in turning an otherwise cold, unwelcoming flat into your home in a new city.

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