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Advance Training: Meet Your Fitness Goals for 2020

Summer is around the corner and for many, it means gearing up to work off that winter body. With quarantine restrictions easing, it is time to get back in the gym and re-prioritize physical fitness. The last three months have been a challenge for those of us with difficulty exercising from home. Whether its distractions like household responsibilities, scrambling to arrange a new job or learning how to homeschool– the quarantine was stressful. But now restrictions are easing. Life is slowly returning to normal, and Praguers are trying to return to their exercise goals. Some are still hesitant to re-enter public spaces. A private gym, like Advance Training, may be the solution for Praguers wanting to use the full benefits of the gym in a safer manner.

Working Out to Escape the Office

Exercise is the most underutilized, but highly recommended stress reliever. Spending a few hours a week working out can balance a demanding work and home life. Most of Advance Training’s clients are working in fast-paced office environments. Because clients spend most of their time focused on others’ work, they need a space to hone in on their goals a few times a week. They are looking for individualization and efficiency in their gym. With limited time to exercise, they want their time used wisely. Personalized training accomplishes that goal. 

advance training prague
Personalized training is exactly what some need in order to reach their fitness goals and stay accountable

Reach Your Goals at Advance Training

Private fitness clubs help build the motivation and discipline to work out regularly. Having a trainer hold you accountable during your session helps keep you focused on your goals.  Going to the gym with no aim in mind is a time waster, but personal trainers help get the most out of your workout. Misusing the equipment can be dangerous or make an exercise less effective. The private gym environment removes anxieties about  performance and gives you a space to learn best practices for exercise.

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advance training prague expat
A private gym atmosphere may be more comfortable for avoiding crowds

During your initial consultation, you can expect to work with one of Advance Training’s six personal trainers to develop a plan catered to your goals and schedule. After a series of strength and conditioning tests, and a joint morphology analysis, they work with you to set priorities. Most clients arrange for visits 1-3 times a week.

Does it sound familiar? Advance Training is featured in publications like Glanc, Žena a Život, Mladá Fronta DNES, and Marianne magazines, among many others. Their website and services are in English and Czech, so they can fully accommodate the expat community.  You can learn more on their website or follow them on Instagram.

Photos credit: Michal Sváček , City Life, MfD and Katerina Sail.

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