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Student life in Prague from the firsthand

It is not a question that studying in Prague is desirable by many young people and their parents. High-quality education, safety, and relatively low costs made Prague one of the most popular destinations to pursue a degree for foreign students.

We have got a chance to talk to two students that live and study in Prague and ask them some questions.

Veronika is from Moscow she studied at Anglo- American University in Prague for three years.

Why did you decide to study in Prague?

I always wanted to experience life in Europe, so getting my Bachelor degree in Prague was a great way to do that. Also, one of the main reasons for choosing Prague is its low living expenses compared to other European countries. I am studying in English in private school, so I have to pay for my tuition, but the quality of education that I am getting is much higher than in many other schools in Europe at the same cost. With this diploma, I can work anywhere in the world, as it has Czech and American accreditation.

How did you choose a university?

I chose the school by reading reviews online from different sources such as Study Abroad 101. I also checked out social media of considered schools to see how active student life there is. I think it is the most efficient way to find the right school as today you can find any information you need online.

What was your application procedure?

The end-to-end application process took me about one month. Firstly, I had to collect and submit all the required documents. Then I had an interview with a dean and after that, I had to wait for the final decision. I was lucky enough to get accepted.

How did you prepare for studying in Prague?

The toughest was to prepare for the IELTS; it is a test that measures your level of English. The required score is 5.5, so I had to meet or exceed it. For students that fail to pass IELTS, the school provides English courses to help them to get to the level that is needed for academic studying.

What is your advice for students that are moving to Prague?

Even if you are planning to study in English, I still think that it is necessary to learn the Czech language. It will help you to get around and adapt to a new culture much easier. I started learning Czech intensely only in the second year of living in Prague but I wish I did it much earlier. 

Venera is from Sofia she studies at Anglo- American University in Prague for three years.

Why did you decide to study in Prague?

I graduated from high school in Sofia, Bulgaria and, afterwards, I had a choice: either to stay in Bulgaria or come to Prague. Because my sister was already studying there, I decided to try something new and move to another country.

How did you choose a university?

I decided not to make it complicated and choose the same university as my sister. That is why I applied to Anglo-American University. It was a good option for me since all the programs are in English and no Czech is required for studies.

How did you find a place to live?

I think one of the most significant problems for students in Prague is accommodation. It is quite hard to find a good apartment for a reasonable price and in a nice location. When I just came to Prague, I stayed at my friend’s place. I had approximately a week to find an apartment for myself. It was quite challenging. It was the end of August, and a lot of students were trying to find a place to live as well. I was going roughly to 8-10 previews of flats every day and all were unsuccessful in the beginning. Only when I already lost hope, I got an apartment, which was not ideal, but at least I had a place to stay.

What do you like about studying in Prague?

Prague is an amazing city for students. I would say that the biggest advantage is that here you can meet people from all over the world. Also, the prices are not as high as in the majority of other European countries, while the unemployment rate is quite low. Another thing is that the Czech Republic is considered a safe place. If I am not mistaken, it is #6 in the list of the safest countries.

What should students do in their free time in Prague?

There are always a lot of events going on in Prague and numerous beautiful places to visit. A lot of students travel abroad when they have several free days. Tickets sometimes are extremely cheap, especially to the countries close by, like Germany.

How do you manage your expenses?

Except for studies, I also work. That is what most students do here. Working helps me to cover my daily expenses on my own without financial support from my family. It is quite challenging but you learn a lot which is the most valuable in my opinion.

Is it difficult to find a job for a student in Prague?

There are a lot of job offers in Prague for students. Many of the jobs require the Czech language but not all of it. Most of my friends from university managed to find positions where they use only English.

What is your advice for students that are moving to Prague?

I would advise you to be prepared for some difficulties in the beginning, especially regarding finding an apartment, people to talk to, or a job. However, don’t be scared, it is an amazing experience and you will definitely learn a lot during this journey!

Of course, there is a lot to consider before moving to Prague. Whether you want to study at a state or private university, rent an apartment or live in a dorm, find a part-time job or commit to studies, and so on. There are a lot of ups and downs about studying in Prague, just like anywhere else. You will have to come out of your comfort zone but the experience of studying in Prague can be one one of the best in your life.

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