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The Burčák is Coming

Fall in Czech republic means it’s time for wine, more specifically Burčák (bur-chak), or “young wine.” Burčák is a sweet wine bottled while the grapes are still fermenting and the sugar content is at its peak. It’s found throughout Europe under a variety of names; in German, it’s “federwiesser” and in French, it’s “vernache.”

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Burčák is known for its cloudy appearance and is usually found in a white wine variety

Due to time-sensitive production methods, it’s only available from early September to late October, so you won’t want to delay your visit to the farmers market to pick up a bottle delivered straight from the Moravian vineyards. You will have an easier time finding the white wine variety because red grapes ferment into wine faster than white grapes. Its sweetness masks that some varieties are up to 10% alcoholic, so enjoy it responsibly.

Store With Care

 Burčák will be the most high-maintenance wine in your cellar, as it must be stored carefully to prevent explosions. CO2 gas forms as the wine ferments, so unless you enjoy cleaning spoiled wine off of everything in your fridge, it’s best stored upright with the cap loose enough for the gas to escape. It should also be consumed within a day or two of buying to ensure peak flavor. 

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